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Here you will find archival news and info of Jon going as far back as 2003 when Jon's music career officially started. This page will include bios, reviews, interviews, screencaps and more.  All thanks to the 'magic' of!

                                     Biography (2003)


Jon McLaughlin

The four-year-old climbed up the piano bench and began pecking out the notes from one of the songs he’d heard earlier. It was after church one Sunday and Jon McLaughlin was beginning his musical career.
Almost seventeen years later, Jon is still seated at the piano, this time in the recording studio playing the songs he’s written for his debut album.

His lyrics are real and personal, coming from past relationships and life experiences. Jon finds focusing on the lyrics to be important because of the depth and meaning they bring to any piece of music.

“If anything, lyrics are what I focus on,” explains the twenty-year-old Anderson, Ind., native. “When I think about writing a song, I think about lyrics because you can always think up music. There’s just more to lyrics.”
As a sophomore music business major, Jon sees music as a part of everything in life. He admits to seeing life as a series of lyrics played out to varying melodies.

“I’m always thinking about things to write songs about and potential lyrics are always flowing through my head,” says Jon. “When people say things I always think, ‘Oh that could be a cool line or a cool song title.’ It really kind of gets annoying to me because I’m always thinking about things to write about.”
Musically, the singer-songwriter describes his style as a combination of jazz and rock-and-roll or “jazz-and-roll” as he prefers to call it.

His unique style comes through on each of the eleven original songs Jon composed for his first album, Up Until Now.

[By Megan Golden]

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                                 Timeline (2003)

Jon McLaughlin Timeline:
(in reverse order)

– Up Until Now to be released, first in Nashville, Tenn. on April 9th, and then in Anderson on April 10th. 3.28.03

– Jon opens up for Eli, LaRue and Downhere at Reardon Auditorium, Anderson, Ind. 2.27.03

– Just finishes the first three songs for the debut album, mixed at the Groove Room in Nashville, Tenn., with industry engineer Ronnie Brookshire. 2.9.03

– Jon attends first recording session at Studio D with Launch CEO Mark Pay. 12.4.02

– First artist to sign with Launch Records. 11.12. 02

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Some updates posted by the man himself.

Jan. 24, 2004 03:41 by jonny mac
Friends, listen up. Ok, thursday night I began the journey of re-recording the cd. There is a lot going on right so let me leave you with this: the audio on this cd is going to blow your mind with rock n' roll rhythm and techno beats that make Justin Timberlake look like Nick Lache...alright, that doesn't make sense. But the point is that we're re-doing the cd and it's gonna be great! I'll keep you posted. peace.

Feb. 10, 2004 11:17 by jonny to the mac
alright, the recording is D-O-N-E. and that's a good thing. phase 2 has begun. i'll keep you posted. peace out.

Feb. 18, 2004 02:35 by jon
THE CD IS DONE!!!!!!! Now we just wait for the artwork. We're almost there, friends and neighbors! Alright, I'm out. Don't look at the sun.

Mar. 10, 2006
Hey guys - just keeping up with my new year's resolution. Things are going well out here in sunny CA. We just recorded the first song for the album yesterday! So far so good. I'll keep you guys posted. Hope you all are well!


A self-made flier created in a .doc file was posted on Jon's site. It allowed anyone to download and print it to help promote Jon's gigs when he stopped by the area.

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An 800x600 desktop of Jon
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